Did Nicki Minaj Get Breast & Butt Implants?

Many people know Nicki Minaj because of her outrageous physique, specifically her huge breast and large butt in a little body. She is nonetheless an actually effort woman whom fired to her popularity through sheer dedication and effort, not even if of her celebrity looks.

You may have heard some of her hit tunes Super Bass, Anaconda, The night is still young and also the leading mix with Jesse J as well as Goddess Ariana in their globe vast hit Bang Bang.

Nicki is the best women rapper in the industry who’s put on countless wigs and hot attire in most of her MTV video clips, which exposed greater than any kind of followers could expect. Thus, the plastic surgery rumours began circling suggesting that the rap star had actually certainly gone through a breast enhancement and also butt dental implant treatments.

The fact is … they just do not look natural, specifically considered that she’s not that tall of a person.

As usual, among the best ways to see if these rumours are real is by examining several of her prior to and also after pictures which ought to give us sufficient proof to show if Nicki had actually undoubtedly gone under the blade.

In order to do so, we have to find her images from the very start, before she came to be an international star.

nicki minaj before butt

nicki minaj implants

These video clip screenshots were taken from a high school video that emerged on the internet featuring Nicki Minaj in her secondary school years. Going by her looks, we are guessing that she was possibly around the age of 14 to 15.

Watch the video below:

We knew she could sing, yet who would certainly have believed that she’ll be that efficient acting as well.

Yea … she would of made it in either case …

Several pictures were discovered online which appeared to be Nicki in her adolescent and also very early adultolescence years. These pictures are really good indicators in terms of her face, physique and body dimension.

Let’s solve to it!

Her Face

nicki minaj fake boobs

There has been a lot of sound surrounding Nicki’s face, so we figure we’ll take a look at this first by revealing you photos before as well as after she came to be a successful tale. From exactly what we can see, her face shape has virtually stayed the same. So has she had any kind of cosmetic surgery done to her jawline, lips, chin, cheek bones and brows?

We don’t believe so …

If you look at her nose too, we cannot really see any evidence suggesting that the star has actually done a rhinoplasty or any kind of sort of rhino surgical procedure. Although the photo quality isn’t really that excellent, however it’s adequate to see the overall shape. Then if you look at her eyes which fantastic smile, one is merely the matured variation of the exact same person.

Her Body

Okay, prior to we reveal you this image, we simply desire you to take a deep breath because this could shock you. As a matter of fact, if you have actually been asking yourself whether Nicki has a fake bum and boobs, then this could very well address your question.

Examine it out.

nicki minaj before

If this photo is not fake, then it would have been repossessed in 2006 as well as given that Nicki was birthed in 1982, she would have been 24 years of ages when she took this image. But somehow we are obtaining a feeling that she is much younger in this picture, potentially somewhere between 18 to 20 years old.

So the date received this picture does make us question the credibility of it. But after that the face which tattoo on her arm tells us that it truly is her. So if this image is genuine, or if the day revealed was just a reference about when it was submitted onto the web, then that’s a completely different tale.

In other words, she had definitely no boobs or butts that we are so used to seeing from her typical self. In fact, she was basically “flat” in both locations which does bring inquiries amongst lots of people’s minds, including ours …

nicki minaj before plastic surgery

Here’s one more picture of Nicki in her young people years and you can see that she is still establishing in her upper body location, so one has to question what really took place throughout these times before she ended up being a celebrity. In saying that, if she really had done a boob job, then it would certainly have been someplace after this …

So let’s dive to the year where Miss Rapper initially took off to the music scene.

nicki minaj breast

Nicki Minaj released her debut cd in 2010, Pink Friday and her single, “Your Love” covered the chart bringing her to international success actually overnight. You can see that she has “grown” a lot in her upper body location. This has actually led to several speculations whether she had breast augmentation.

nicki minaj fake butt

Not only that, her butt is really large size also especially when she wore this revealing trousers throughout a performance in the Hot 97 Thanksgiving concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. That’s when many people suggested that Nicki Minaj might have had butt implant surgical procedure to boost her bottom as it shows up that they never stopped growing.

nicki minaj before surgery

Below’s an image of Nicki participating in the 2011 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California with Katy Perry and also Taylor Swift. Currently we all recognize just how busty Katy is as well as we are additionally rather particular that Katy’s busts are the actual bargain. Nonetheless, something is informing us that Nicki’s bosom is not as natural as Katy’s, yet we’ll allow you choose what their bosoms are telling you as they are photographed with each other in this picture.

nicki minaj butt implants

Here is an image of Nicki Minaj carrying out at the O2 Arena in London, England. She is wearing a black leather bra top pushing her breast dimension even larger. Truly … you’ve reached provide her full credit history to be are to perform like this because one has to ask yourself just how she’s able to breathe with bust like hers.

No matter she does look definitely lovely in this photo. In saying that, did any person notification how straight Nicki’s nose look in this set? We are not stating that she’s had a nose job or rhinoplasty in technological terms, yet it simply appears her nasal bridge bone looks extremely slim.

nicki minaj before and after

Her butt dimension is an additional attribute of hers that really catches people’s interest. Right here’s Nicki executing in the Power 105.1 Powerhouse at Barclays Center in the Brooklyn district of New York City. Limited trousers with gold chain patterns gave her buttock one more lift which just contributes to further speculation which is, did Nicki Minaj ever had bum or buttock augmentation implants since they are actually big … truly!

nicki minaj breasts

She comes to the 42nd Annual American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Something does not fairly accumulate in this one, either there’s something incorrect with her outfit (style is wonderful btw), yet if you look at the top, it looks like her busts are aiming a little upwards.

By all means, she’s at her early 30s now so this simply does not actually make sense. Like begin … you’ve got to give gravity a chance! In stating that, her legs look great as well as thin though …

nicki minaj plastic surgery

Nicki Minaj impersonated an instead “revealing” fairy princess as she participates in a Haunted Fun home Halloween celebration at 1 OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her “DEEP V” cut gown wasn’t really assisting her to knock off all the plastic surgery talks that’s bordering her headings.

In saying that … she just got to where she is today because she’s put in the initiative, though there’s no refuting that her instead abnormal possessions have also caught the focus of several.

nicki minaj ass

No matter, her body do look remarkable so if her plastic surgery rumours are undoubtedly genuine, after that you’ve got to offer raps to her cosmetic surgeon for doing such a fantastic work on her front and rear end. Here’s a shot of Nicki Minaj when she walked on stage during the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Her base is definitely huge and also if you include the front too, it’s no surprise why she functions so difficult to attain her visual, whether artificially or otherwise.

nicki minaj butt

Nicki participates in the Manus x Machina Fashion In An Age Of Technology, Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art New York. Once more it’s no longer information that she is not timid in subjecting parts of her boobs in this one-of-a-kind black attire. We really like the blonde highlights in her black hairstyle though, but did she got some weight?

nicki minaj boobs

Here we see Nicki in 2017 using a strawberry pink latex gown, once more displaying her 34 F cup size. Not exactly sure about you, however something appears extremely weird with this picture. Seriously, if you informed us that this was a wax figure of her, we’ll probably believe it.

Take a more detailed look! Everything on her face as well as her breast simply seems a little also smooth … do not you believe? We just hope that Miss Minaj here will not be using any type of Botox, facelift or any type of sort of injectable fillers anytime quickly.

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