Has Rihanna Ever Had Plastic Surgery?

Rihanna is just one of hottest as well as most exciting vocalists in America. Regardless of her impressive voice, she’s been the “Go To” trend icon for lots of ladies, all thanks to her beautiful face as well as crackling hot body.

Like a lot of successful celebrities though, this lead to lots of gossips as well as rumours, with some hypothesizing that the Barbadian celebrity has actually had plastic surgeries to look so damn excellent!

From breast enhancement, nose job to forehead surgical treatment, there’s been countless reports recommending that the singer-songwriter had gone under the blade to attain her flawless appearances. Some followers also recommended that the only reason why Rihanna’s eyes looks so gorgeous is since she’s gone through a laser eye color modification surgery.

Whether her eyes, nose and boobs are fake or otherwise, we’re not 100% … right now.

However one thing we know without a doubt is that whenever you hear her name, you just cannot help but begin humming phrases from her hit songs, ‘Umbrella’, ‘Diamonds’, ‘Stay’, to the extra recent ‘Work’ work job work …

Which leads us to this inquiry … has Rihanna ever had “WORK” done from a surgeon?

Let’s learn!

Before & After Photos

To identify whether Rihanna had look for cosmetic surgery to improve her face and also body attributes, we’ve gone through many photos before and after she became a superstar. Right here’s what we discovered:

Did Rihanna Get A Boob Job?


Lots of people have been asking yourself whether the Barbados birthed elegance undertook a breast enhancement surgery to raise her bra size. This came after images emerged showing an apparent distinction to the dimension of her boobs.

Although some may suggest that she’s merely gained weight here and there were conjectures that she may’ve became pregnant also. Yet if the enhancement of her breasts didn’t come from gathered fat neither bust milk, after that there is a likelihood that Rihanna has actually obtained a boob job to obtain those additional bust volume.

Has Rihanna Had A Nose Job?


Although Rihanna is not an African American, however she does have an instead huge and broad nose similar to lots of ebony or dark skin people who’s born in the islands of the Caribbeans. If you check out her “Before” photo, her nose shape was bulky and also her nasal bridge was rather level.

Now compare that with the “After” picture, you can plainly see that her nose bridge is much more polished as well as narrowed. This reaches the tip of her nose in addition to both sides of the ala. So could this be the evidence we should prove that Rihanna has had a nose surgery? We’ll allow you call the shots …

Did She Have Forehead Reduction Surgery?


Most of us understand that Rihanna has a large temple, it’s nearly like she’s got implants in there. Nonetheless, we found out that she’s had it since she was young. There’s likewise been some sound suggesting that she’s had a temple decrease during some phase in her job, but we haven’t discovered any type of evidence to sustain those claims.

So NO forehead surgery as far as we’re worried.

What About Her Hairline?


Rihanna’s hairline has actually been the focal point for a number of years. Sometimes, it appears as though she was losing hair as shown by the thinning patches on the BEFORE image over.

Now if you check out the AFTER pic, it seems like she’s obtained some hair expanding back around that declining hairline. So this could be an indication that she’s undergone some sort of hairline surgery. Perhaps even a hair transplant treatment to renew her hair regrowth cells around that location. Just what do you assume?

Does Rihanna Have Eye Color Surgery?


Among one of the most exciting facial features of Rihanna needs to be her eyes. That’s due to the fact that it’s seldom that you’ll see black people with light colored eyes (though really possible). She has these beautiful green hazel eyes that sometimes almost seems light blue.

That’s why lots of people assume she’s had an eye color surgical treatment to alter her all-natural eye shade. But the fact is, those are her real eyes … not fake! Although sometimes, she might have wore color contact lens to attain particular looks (like dark brownish), however if you need to know her initial eye shade, well … you’ve been checking out them!

Rihanna’s Beauty Transformation

Allow’s see just how Rihanna’s face and also body have changed throughout the years. This will tell us whether she’s had help from plastic surgery in other areas that we might have missed out on.

Early Days


Here’s a rare image of Rihanna in her adolescent years when she was simply an innocent girl living in Barbados, a small nation in the Caribbeans. Her face form has actually remained similar so there’s been no indications of facial surgeries such as cheekbone and jawline contouring treatments. She’s got that same big temple and her chin is likewise just like now, so no improving or chin implants happening there.

Year 2005


This was the year Rihanna made her debut album, Music of the Sun. At simply 17 years old, you see that she still had infant fat on her face. Her nose was visibly bigger so perhaps there’s a reason that individuals said she’s obtained a rhinoplasty after all.

Year 2007


2007 was an innovation year for Rihanna in which her lead single, “Umbrella”, topped the music graph in 13 nations worldwide. She was likewise called the ‘Celebrity Leg of Goddess’ by Venus Breeze.

Right here she was attending the Gillette occasion showing off her warm legs at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Considering Rihanna’s legs, you could see why she fully deserved the title and we could assure you it had nothing to do with plastic surgery. There were additionally reports concerning her obtaining her legs guaranteed for $1 million.

Year 2009


Rihanna participates in the 2009 Grammy with brief updo hairstyle at the Beverly Hilton resort in Bevely Hills, California. She has among prettiest lip form for a female artist. Not as well thick and also plump like so many that we’ve seen with lip shots or fillers, however not too thin either. Simply the perfect shape with a stunning cupid’s bow that compliments her V-shaped chin.

Sadly, it was reported that Chris Brown defeated Rihanna in the same year. She wound up with busted lips and inflamed eyes after the pounding, yet whether she needed cosmetic treatments to correct her face, we’re not too sure.

Year 2011


Here the Barbadian-American singer comes to the 2011 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with medium wavy red hair. You could see that her breast location was rather level so no signs of breast implant below.

Year 2012


This was the year Rihanna released her hit single “Diamonds” and also covered the graph in over 20 countries. Once again, there’s no other way she’s gotten breast enhancement right here or even the boob tattoo (under, center or side) that she’s so popular for was no where to be located, not also in this black deep V outfit.

Year 2013


After experiencing with curly blondes, Rihanna was back with an extra natural brief black hair style. Right here she is attending the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. She additionally brought a few new pals with her consisting of the tattoos on her hands, in between her breasts and also on the side too.

This was perhaps the year where she had the most effective physique. Not fat and not too skinny. Her waist was in percentage with her tummy, so absolutely no requirement for tummy tuck procedures.

Year 2014


If Rihanna had done a rhinoplasty, after that we think it has to have been somewhere between year 2013 to 2014. You can see that her nose was noticeably sharper right here, especially around the bridge and nose pointer areas. Regardless, she has attractive eyes to compliment it with sensational dual eyelids and also possibly a brow tattoo as well.

One more thing, her mug dimension seems larger than it was in previous years. Now it could have been the result of a rise bra, or maybe what numerous have actually been speculating … breast augmentation!

Year 2015


Right here the vocalist actions into the red carpet for the 2015 Grammy Awards at the Staple Center in LA. We truly love this pink princess look where she is letting her natural skin shade tone do the talking. Her cheeks looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s virtually like she had no make-up on!

We are curious regarding just what skincare product she utilizes due to the fact that her skin looks so smooth as well as glowing. Given that she’s just 27 years old, it’ll be a while prior to we hear any rumors regarding her obtaining Botox shots or a surgical renovation.

Year 2016


Here we see Rihanna carrying out at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards at Madison Square Garden. Putting on a high natural leather boot, her thick legs were no where to conceal. Yet considered that the fat on her thighs mixes with her butts so naturally, so we doubt she’s ever had butt implants neither does she require a butt lift.

Year 2017


Did Rihanna gain weight? Oh DUH! Her waistline had actually gone up 2 dimensions, but so did her boobs!

After she participated in the flick premier of “Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets” in Paris, there were plenty of sound suggesting that the Ocean’s 8 star had actually obtained boob job, as you could see why from taking a look at her bosom. However then … it can simply be the gained weight that’s adding to her boosted breast dimension. Hmmm …

Year 2018


Here we’ve obtained the ‘plus size’ star performing at the 2018 Grammy Awards in New York City. The amount of weight Rihanna has actually put on is astonishing. From considering her stomach, you really can’t blame the media as well as fans from hypothesizing that she’s expecting.

She’s literally lost the cheekbones on her face, got a double chin and also a brand-new set of fat legs. To her debt, she is still the confident Rihanna that all of us understand, vocal singing and dancing in that hot pink gown. Based on her publicized character, it’s not likely she’s going to change for any person, not even for the market.


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