Kim Taeyeon, Before and After SNSD

Kim Taeyeon is just one of the best participants from the Korean ladies team, SNSD (Girls Generation). This is additionally why she’s been the center of several plastic surgery suppositions.

She is a beautiful South Korean vocalist with stunning eyes, charming nose and an adorable face form that has brought in countless followers from Korean, China, Japan and also numerous various other countries including America and also the UK.

Given that her tryout back in 2004, which had won her an agreement with SM Entertainment, Taeyeon’s life has never coincided. This is particularly true when she became one of the diva for SNSD.

Besides her pretty face, warm body as well as enchanting voice, Taeyeon has also done work in motion pictures as well as TELEVISION shows including being the voice actor for the Hollywood ticket office animation, Despicable Me 1 & 2 (Korean sound variation).

Without a doubt, her looks as well as design has actually made her a preferred idolizer in the Kpop industry, so it only makes sense that her followers wishes to know if Taeyeon has actually had any type of aesthetic procedures done such as double eyelid surgical procedure, nose surgery, breast augmentation, lips fillers, Botox and so on.

The truth is … we would like to know too!

Before & After Photos

Allow’s see exactly how Kim Taeyeon’s face and also body have actually changed with the years. By looking at her improvement prior to and also after she became famous, it needs to inform us if she’s ever before used cosmetic surgeries to enhance her charm.



Right here’s unusual image of young Taeyeon as a kid perhaps around the age of 5. Like the majority of Koreans, she didn’t have a noticeable double eyelid, if any, so we’ll keep an eye out in this field as we proceed.

School Years

snsd plastic surgery

If you want to see Taeyeon in college uniform, this is probably as close as it’ll get. Although the picture isn’t really clear, but you could see that she has a good jawline and chin form.


taeyeon plastic surgery

This is predebut picture of Kim Taeyeon while she was training in the Starlight Academy of S.M. Entertainment. She still had a little bit of baby fat on her face as well as her nose form was relatively large both in the nasal bridge as well as suggestion area. Nevertheless, Kim has very lovely collection of teeth, so we question she’s ever required oral cosmetic work from her dental practitioner.

Year 2007

taeyeon snsd

At 18 years of ages, Taeyeon debuted as a member of SNSD as well as due to the fact that to her musical abilities, she took place to become the lead vocalist for Girl’s Generation. Got to enjoy those bangs on her with the long curls that entirely matches her face contour.

Year 2008

snsd taeyeon

Right here she was doing a marketing photoshoot for the girls group with an ice-cream lollipop. Her jawline still seems a little broad right here, however we’re not 100% whether that’s from the infant fat or her jawbone structure. Her nose was most definitely bulkier so no signs of a rhinoplasty at this phase.

Year 2009

taeyeon plastic surgery

Girls Generation Taeyeon goes to the 2009 Golden Disk Awards with magnificent bangs flaunting her brand-new copper brown hair shade. At 20 years old, she has matured into an attractive girl. Checking out the photo, you can see that the shape of her face has toned down a lot. Did she do a cheek reduction surgery or was it just fat burning?

Year 2010

kim taeyeon

Carrying out at the huge football field, the Korean singer is dancing and singing to the crowd’s content. Although Tae-yeon isn’t also tall in person, however her body shape is magnificently proportioned. Not as well skinny and also not also fat.

Her cup size of 32A does not eliminate from that lovely waist, although it remains to be seen whether she’ll obtain a breast implant in the future. We simply hope that it won’t be those large breast implants because that’ll be as well fake.

Year 2011


The South Korean musician executes at the 2011 Valkyrie Concert using a grey fit matching her gold hair shade. Taeyeon’s double eyelids suddenly became extremely obvious here whereas in a few of the in the past pictures, they were refined at ideal. This suggests to us that she may’ve had an eye surgical procedure to enhance those eyelids.

If this is true, then her cosmetic surgeon has done an outstanding job since they look really quite undoubtedly.

Year 2012

As a result of her spectacular voice, Taeyeon was picked to form a sub girls team “TTS” with fellow members Seohyun as well as Tiffany. Below she was vocal singing live on the KBS TELEVISION Channel doing a cover song for “Take a Bow” by Rihanna.

Year 2013

snsd plastic surgery

This was the year followers got stressed over the interior battle taking place between Taeyeon as well as Jessica. However, they still placed on a terrific program for the Dream Concert. Taking a look at Kim’s tummy and also hips, it doesn’t look like she’ll be requiring an abdominoplasty procedure at any time soon.

Year 2014

taeyeon plastic surgery

This is an unusual photo of Taeyeon without make-up taken at the airport. There are no eyeliners, eye darkness, eyelashes or any other kind of eye make-up. Sort of made her appearance older than her genuine age of 25.

Now compare this with her minimal make-ups

taeyeon snsd

What a distinction, huh?

Got to like her black hair also and also she looks so white below, it’s nearly like she bleached her skin. Was this face-lift sparked by the Taeyeon and Baekhyun break up that stirred the world of kpop?

Year 2015

snsd taeyeon

Taeyeon launched her solo cd “I” in 2015 in a totally new blonde hair appearance. Her cd ranked number two on the South Korea Gaon Album Chart as well as it also topped the United States Billboard World Albums. Nevertheless, her MTV resulted in even more dispute regarding her obtaining double eyelid surgical procedure. After seeing the video clip, we can absolutely see why …

Year 2016

taeyeon plastic surgery

Here Tae-yeon was found with short hair including light blonde touch highlights. Although she really did not appear to have much make-ups on, yet her brows and a few simple mascaras were enough to raise her adorable picture. If you look thoroughly, it also appears like she’s dyed her brows too.

Year 2017

kim taeyeon

Participating In the IFC Mall Fan Signing Event, Taeyeon definitely turned a great deal of eyes with her brand-new black curly hair. It also appears she may’ve had her lips serviced. She made use of to have slim upper lip, but somehow it looks fuller in this photo.

We don’t think she’s had any type of lip surgery, but we would not discard her having lip injections either.

Year 2018


After withstanding a year of difficulty with the loss of jonghyun as well as her dramatization with Wiz Khalifa, Taeyeon is ultimately placing a smile back on her face with this “Girl Next Door” photo she’s published on her IG account.

Up until now, we haven’t seen any kind of conclusive evidence to recommend that the Korean celebrity has had a nose surgery, so we just can not put this down as a truth and could just see it as a report.


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