OMG!! Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery Before & After 2017 Photos

OMG !! Would these images make or damage Selena Gomez’s year in 2017?

We do not have an idea!

Just what we do recognize is that this American sweetheart has actually been filling up a great deal of headlines lately, with rumours suggesting that the 25 years of age singer has actually had plastic surgery at some stage in her job. From lip fillers, botox to breast augmentation, Selena has actually heard them all.

However are these conjectures actual or phony?

Well … we’re about to learn!

Birthed and also elevated in the United States, Selena has a Hispanic family members heritage. Her dad is Mexican as well as her mom has Italian ancestry. She grew up in an inadequate family as well as was usually looked after by her grandparents when she was young.

While managing her mother planning for a phase manufacturing, Miss Gomez started her interest in the world of amusement. She later on went for an audition for a children TV program, Barney and Friends, which she did well as well as ever since … her life has taken a dramatic turn for success.

Prior to And After Photos

So the large concern here is … did Selena have aesthetic treatments? One of the best methods to figure out is to undergo all the pictures prior to she became a full on star. Let’s take a quick look …

Year 2002


Here she was showing up on TELEVISION with Barney and his fuzzy pals. Does not she look adorable and also cute? Now if you look very closely, Selena had a rather clear dual eyelid and also broad jaw bones since she was young.

Year 2007


2007 was the innovation year when Selena’s acting career took off. She was given a persisting function on the prominent Disney Channel collection, Hannah Montana. She was 15 years of ages at the time and also you could see her face shape was practically set. While some might assume she has a fat face, but it’s just infant fat and also we think it’s pretty adorable!

Year 2009


This was the year Selena landed main stream success by starring in the “Wizards of Waverly Place”, which she first tasted singing by tape-recording the theme song for the series. Due to her jawline and also her complete cheeks, it does kind of offer her a big face. Fortunately, she does not have a dual chin otherwise it’ll reduce her neck.

Year 2010


Selena won four honors at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards and right here she is wearing a silver gown with smokey eye shadows. She seem to have actually dropped weight which offered her a truly pointy chin. This is probably when people started hypothesizing her of getting a chin dental implant. However keep in mind, she was just 17 years old.

Year 2011


At the 2011 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Selena is looking definitely sensational with pink lips, wavy hairstyle along with her lovely smile. This event remained in January so practically, she was only a few months far from being the adultness to get plastic surgeries in the United States.

As you could see from this picture, her bust dimension wasn’t truly that much to be coveted about. Now if she was to consider experiencing a treatment the minute she reaches 18, it’ll probably be breast enhancement given her existing boob dimension. As well as you’ll recognize why we stated this if you check out the following picture.


Bang !! Selena stunned everybody when she done this photoshoot for her scent brand name back in December 2011. Have a look at her brand-new boobs! After seeing this, you can virtually really feel the media shouting boob job from all various parts of the globe. And also she essentially just transformed 18 a couple of months back too.

Allow’s contrast both photos once again side-by-side …


Yup … there is definitely a very great line on her breast and we’ve identified a mole too! Yet if this isn’t really a raise bra impact, then we’ve got to give her cosmetic surgeon a large wrap for doing such an amazing task on her top body.

Truthfully, if this is a set of silicone then you’ll absolutely intend to compare it with Nicki Minaj’s implants (perhaps), since these simply looks a lot extra all-natural. Like actually hot!


Below’s one more shot from the same cd. Did you observe anything suspicious on her face? Perhaps under her nose and also near her mouth? Yes!! Her lips looked totally increased and also we can most definitely see indicators of lip injections right here.

Don’t take our words for it …


You see, there’s a radical distinction in between both lip dimension below. We feel that Selena may be attempting to explore her adulthood right here by manipulating her face and body. It does seem like she’s screening facial fillers below to accomplish a fuller and also much more lush lips.

Certainly, some might say that it’s simply the lipstick playing methods. Just what do you think?

Year 2012


Gomez arrived at the 25th Annual Kid’s Choice Awards where she won both the Favorite TV Actress and Favorite Female Singer awards. This was also the very same year when she launched her first solo music album “Come & Get It”.

Thus far, we have not seen any type of signs of a rhinoplasty. Her nose form practically remained the exact same throughout her previous years. Fortunately she does have a broad and sometimes plump cheeks, otherwise it’ll make her nose look big.

Year 2013


At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards inside the Sony Pictures Studios in LA. Selena can be seen with lovely fishtail pigtail enhanced by refined great smoky eye and naked pink lips. She actually does have this Mexican aesthetic allure about her.

Year 2014


Right here she is putting on a silver sparkling deep and also wide V outfit displaying her buoyant cleavage. Now please remind us once again that she didn’t have breast enhancement … we’re not also certain any longer!

If you look at her eye eyebrow shape below, it looked like the beginning of her eyebrows are crinkling down to the top of her nasal bridge or nose bone. Didn’t she have straight eye eyebrows before? Perhaps she failed to remember to trim it …

Year 2015

Selena Gomez is looking fabulous in the AMA at the Microsoft Theatre. She stunned everyone with this stunning open back outfit showing off her curves. You have to ask yourself whether she’s had a butt augmentation though.

Year 2016


At 24 years of ages, Selena is enjoying the night life at the Las Vegas Club putting on a really sophisticated, yet attractive silver outfit. She appeared to have actually shed a great deal of weight and also most likely in the very best shape of the life. Is this the outcome of good diet regimen, hard work or liposuction surgery?

Furthermore … what took place to her hallmark jawline? Did she do a jaw or cheek reduction surgery? Perhaps they just went away since she’s lost all that baby fat off her face. It’s truly tough to say.

Year 2017


If anyone wishes to see Selena Gomez resembling a plastic doll, then this has got to be it! Her lips resembled it’s filled with injectable fillers and also it seemed like she’s had a rhinoplasty surgical treatment to narrow the bottom of her nose. Simply look at her nose suggestion near the nostrils. Sure … it could simply be the makeup, we heard ya!


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